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Chapter 20: Seeing the Impossible

Thank you t0ra_chan for writing yet another chapter.

Chapter 20: Seeing the Impossible

by t0ra_chan

We start of this scene with the fight between Ron and Hermione, because Scabbers is gone. Unlike the book Ron has nothing to back up his statement that Crookshanks ate his rat aprt from the fact that he is gone. Of course, we couldn’t have Hermione look less than perfect in the movies, taking away any blame from her. Why they even bothered with this, I don’t know, since Ron and Hermione don’t have a falling out and we still have to suffer through her presence at the “Invisible Harry in Hogsmead” scene.

Cut and we are with the trio at the lake, watching Hagrid skipping stones and listen to him telling us that Buckbeak has been sentenced to death. And again we cut to a totally different scene. Seriously, there is no transition between these scenes, that would connect them in any way and they are only there because we need them for the plot. It’s more like little snippets of “The daily life of Harry Potter”. The Scabbers/Crookshanks fight should have happened before the trip to Hogsmead and should be connected to the Buckbeak trial, but the way it’s in the movie it makes absolutely no difference where this scene was or if it was even there in the first place.

Anyway, back to Harry and him playing with his wand in bed again. Naturally we cannot have Ron be in the same room as Harry without making him look stupid, so we get his silly tap-dancing spider dream. Harry meanwhile watches the Marauder’s Map, when he suddenly sees Peter Pettigrew on the map, remembering that this guy should be dead. And when there is a serial killer on the loose, trying to kill you, of course you go out, walking the corridors by yourself at night. Well, if you’re retarded or Harry Potter. Same thing, really. Peter then passes by Harry without being seen, but we do hear little tripling feet.

Enter Severus Snape, who asks Harry what the heck he’s doing there, actually being smart and all. Harry, of course, isn’t so smart and tells Snape that he’s sleepwalking and even dares to get snippy with him, even though he just broke the rules. Makes his defence of himself and his father about not strutting around the castle (ergo being arrogant) look pretty fake and hypocritical. Snape then tries to reveal the maps secret, but only ends up being insulted. Sadly before he can rip Potter a new one, Lupin appears to Harry’s rescue. Then he goes and undermines Snape’s authority by keeping the map and taking Harry with him.

Lupin takes Harry to his classroom to mol… eh, I mean, scold him. Scold him good, that naughty boy. To Lupin’s credit, he does tell off Harry for being so careless and stupid. But he immediately loses that credit, because a) we know he won’t hand over the map either and b) after telling Harry not to walk around the castle by himself, sends Harry back to his dorm all by himself without the handy map.

We end the scene and this chapter with Harry telling Lupin that he saw Pettigrew on the map, which leaves the latter flabbergasted and looking forlorn at the leaving Harry. Looks like someone could use a hug.
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