HP The Weapon is Love

Available Chapters

Okay, since the people in charge of writing the following chapters have not replied, here are chapters available to be spoofed. E-mail me at potterfreak0515@gmail.com to sign up.

24. Sirius Black
25. Peter Pettigrew
26. Friends become Foes
27. The Dementor's Kiss
30. Saving Lives
32. Two Places at Once
34. The Firebolt

EDIT: Chapters 32 and 34 are taken. Can someone please sign up to do the first five? Someone?
HP The Weapon is Love

Someone Sign Up

I need someone to write Chapter 20. Anyone? Anyone? E-mail me at potterfreak0515@gmail.com if you want to sign up.

Also, I want to remind new visitors that there is a completed spoof of GoF in the previous entries. So check that out if you're waiting for this to be updated!