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Chapter 16: The Marauders' Map

Chapter 16: The Marauders' Map
By scarrrrlett

By the way, can someone please tell me how to get someone's username turned into a link? Thanks!

Time for an inappropriate walk in the woods with Lupin, Harry! And
he knows everything about you.

FLY HEDWIG FLY! Into the fuuuuture! Which is actually kind of a
cool transition even though Harry's being all emo in the clocktower.

Why aren't Fred and George at Hogsmeade? Were they waiting
specifically for Harry? Because that's an odd time to do it when
Harry could be anywhere. Why would they give it to him, anyway? I
mean, it's a nice thing, but "we already know it all"? They remember
where everyone will be.. in the FUTURE? Oh Hedwig, teaching them
your ways. I didn't know owls spoke human. (Gred and Forge
finishing each others' sentences is really, really irritating. I
guess their being identical isn't enough to tell us that they're twins?)
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Thank you!
My crazy theory for Movie!Fred&George is that they aren't twins but were once one person. A freak accident made him become two persons and that's why they can finish each others' sentences.
Or maybe they're that witch (that I totally can't remember the name of) from Wintersmith. You know, the one who had two bodies, even though she was one person.

Except I can't remember if they finished each other's sentences.

I'll have to go look again.
Miss Level, and yes.
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*Snort* Lovely spork !