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Chapter 15: Grim Defeat

Chapter 15: Grim Defeat
by t0ra_chan

Before we get to the meat of this scene we are still left at the DADA class. Snape mumbles something about werewolves in the background, while Harry opens Draco’s little love note. Draco wiggles his eyebrows in a suggestive manner at Harry. What does the note say? ‘Astronomy tower, 9 o’clock, bring lube’? Nah, it’s just a little animated cartoon drawing of Harry on his broom, getting hit by a ball and lightning. Oh well, at least it looks funny.

It’s Quidditch time! Everybody here as exited as I am? No? Good for you, because this’ll be over quick. At first we see a black umbrella flying around. Oh my God, they killed Mary Poppins! Those bastards!

Ahem, okay back to business. Gryffindor is playing against Hufflepuff. The little rainstorm from the book has been transformed into a thunderstorm of epic proportions. The Gryffindors chant “Go, go, Gryffindor!”, meanwhile one of their player’s broom is struck by lightning. Is this a reason to cancel the game? Of course not, what are you, some kind of cowardly Slytherin, who doesn’t enjoy mortal danger?

Anyway, Harry and the Hufflepuff’s Seeker, who is not Cedric, have spotted the Snitch. And up they fly, right out of the stadium into the stratosphere it seems. I thought the pitch was enchanted to keep the Snitch in. Oh well.

Not!Cedric almost catches the Snitch, but is also struck by lightning. Guess not even God allows for Harry to lose a game simply because someone is better than him. Not!Cedric plummets to the ground where hopefully Dumbledore catches him too. Again, the game keeps on.

Harry suddenly sees a Grim shaped cloud. Are the movie makers some kind of idiots that cannot grasp that there never was a Grim in the book, that it was always Sirius in his Animagus form? How can he be a cloud in the sky? Or tea leaves in a cup for that matter. Anyway, Harry flies higher and higher after the snitch, almost getting speared by Mary Poppins’ umbrella. Suddenly Harry’s broom and protection goggles start freezing over and Dementors start flying by. Wait, since when can Dementors fly? Did I miss a memo that ‘gliding’ somehow translates to ‘flying’? It’s probably the same that explained how ‘…another flash of lightning illuminated the stands, and Harry saw something that distracted him completely , the silhouette of an enormous shaggy black dog, clearly imprinted against the sky, motionless in the topmost, empty row of seats.’ becomes a Grim-shaped cloud. Anyway, the Dementors start attacking Harry for no reason I can understand and try sucking his face off. It takes a few tries before one gets close enough to suck face with Harry and naturally Harry faints away, falling to the ground. The last thing we see before we fade to black is Dumbledore pointing at Harry and whispering a spell.

When we fade back, we are in the hospital wing. Harry now sports some decorative cuts. That umbrella is deadly, I’m telling you. Still no reason why Madame Pomfrey is getting so sloppy and not healing them. Harry is surrounded by his friends and team-mates, while Not!Cedric is tended to in the upper left corner. He asks who won and is told that no one blames him for the loss. I do, if no one else will. He could have flown down when he first saw the Dementors but didn’t, so it’s his own damn fault. Besides, Not!Cedric must be really tough to still catch the snitch after getting struck by lightning. But the bad news don’t end there. Ron then tries to tell Harry as careful as possible that his broom is now only good as firewood after getting blown into the Whomping Willow. Harry’s last expression before this scene ends is…Shock? Surprise? Anger? I have no idea what Daniel Radcliffe is trying to portrait here since he just looks brainlessly at the broom. I guess that’s Harry in a nutshell though.
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