Crystal (cristiline) wrote in sporkhpmovie,

Chapter Twelve: Talent for Trouble

Another chapter written by Brad (he doesn't have an LJ account).

McGonagall: YAY, pointless lecture time! Harry, shut the hell up and go to your dormitory.

Harry: *is persistent*

McGonagall: *fakes being sorry*

Harry: *is forlorn*

Question: How the heck do you get from a clock never mentioned in canon ticking to a random bridge never mentioned in canon?

Answer: Hire Alfonso Cuaron

Lupin: *understands*

Harry: Since we can’t read thoughts in movies, I’m going to act all sentimental! YAY!

Lupin: *slaps Harry* Shut up.

Harry: Never!

Lupin: Fine, then I’ll act all philosophical!

Harry: Deal.

Lupin: I know your mother, Harry. She was there for me when no one else was. And there isn’t a single way in life that that can’t sound dirty. Oh, and I also knew your father. He was a pimp. Rumor has it, so are you.

Harry: How’d you know?
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